Traditionally passive pickups were dependent on their shape to produce a particular sound. However, this is not the case  with Villex!

All Villex pickups, regardless of the shape, have the same incredible range of sounds

All Villex pickups come with a built in mid-tone circuit and an external pot which allows to gradually change the sound character from vintage to slap. It's like having several pickups instead of one!

 Wiring diagrams

Part no Image Diagram Description Price
V2JSC single coil JJ single coil Jazz set  (single coils)

width 0.7 
length bridge 3.73, neck 3.62

Out of stock
V2JLH single coil linear  Jazz set  (linear humbuckers)

dimensions as V2JSC

Out of stock
VP precision precision Precision pickup set

width 1.08 
length  2.21 

Out of stock
VPJSC precisionjazz
p+j Precision + Jazz set (single coil)

dimensions as VP and V2JSC bridge

Out of stock
VPJLH precisionjazz
P+Jhumbucker Precision + Jazz set (linear humbucker)

dimensions as VP and V2JSC bridge

Out of stock
VMM mmphoto mm MusicMan®

width 3.5
length 1.9

Out of stock
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All dimensions are given in inches
P-Bass and Jazz Bass are registered trademarks of FMIC.
Music Man is a registered trade mark of Ernie Ball, Inc.
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